Manal Al-Munayes started designing in April 2014. She started with painting on mugs, wood, boards, and pans using chalk paint. As time passed, she developed Chalk Time, a collection of home accessories giving the user the ability to write messages on them with chalk. To start this, Manal used chalk fabric instead of paint. She used it on pillows, banners, and bags. Khaleejesque sat down with Al-Munayes to learn more about her product.










How has this project impacted you?

 This project impacted me by adding a sense of achievement and victory in my life, it added a purpose to my daily life, I also learned designing and the basic principles of creating a beautiful design.

Describe your work. Your art is unconventional. What is it?

My products are unconventional because I combine between fun and value. The buyer can draw or write. I made an artwork that can be used for different purposes and used by different ages. It's a design that is suitable for all.

Who inspired you to pursue your art? What made them inspiring to you?

People inspired me to continue my design. Their desire to see something new from me to expect a new design kept me going and pursuing it more.











Do you see yourself turning your work into a fully-fledged business? If so, what would you offer?

I hope to develop my work and dedicate all my time for it, but I also want to design more often in order to become a full-time designer of different products.

Can people purchase anything off of you? Do you take requests? 

Maybe in the future I'd have a shop that sells different designer's products. Also, I do take requests from people, but only for ten or more items.


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