Hattan Ahmad is a digital artist and photographer based in Dubai; his passion for design and art enhances his visual perspective, which is showcased through his work, and more recently, in his new creative space ‘Hattan Advertising’.

What is ‘The Edges of the Sea?’

“The Edges of the Sea” is a photo series I captured on the shorelines of the city of Ras Al-Khaimah, one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates. The drive behind this series is to encourage people to pay attention to the environmental details around us. We have many stunning elements in our environment that we often dismiss because of how attached we are to our gadgets. If we lose our cell phones and give our environment a little attention, the beauty of our earth will surprise us.


Last year, an image you shot was featured in ‘Apple iPhone World Gallery.’ How does it feel to have your photo showcased on billboards all over the world? 

It is an incredible feeling. I always believe that a beautiful picture does not require expensive equipment; it only needs a high level of attention and a clear vision. This was the aim of the Apple iPhone world gallery; a picture taken simply by an iPhone can possess the same intensity and depth that a picture with sophisticated equipment can deliver.

What drove you to become so passionate about art, photography, and design? 

I fell in love with art at a very young age. My mother is an artist and my passion for art came from growing up watching her draw. Art became my favorite form of expression; it is a classy way of expressing our opinions, and a means of communicating with other cultures and societies.


Did you first start with photography and then design? Or the opposite?

I started with both. I was in love with photography and design, and this drove me to complete my undergraduate degree in Visual Communication, and I completed a full specialization in this area.

Tell us more about the concept of 'Hattan Advertising'…

‘Hattan Advertising’ is my space of creativity. It is where my artistic concepts come to life. It is also a specialized studio in branding, design, photography, and high definition artistic printing.


What was the experience that led you to launch your own creative space ‘Hattan Advertising’? 

I was in high school when I first entered this field. I worked for three years in a part-time job for a local company in Saudi Arabia during my high school years. In addition to a number of freelance projects I worked on during the same period.

After high school, I traveled to Jordan to complete a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. During which I worked with a design team in a Jordanian company specialized in this field. After earning my Bachelor’s degree, I started working in one of the large governmental districts in Saudi Arabia as an identity and design specialist for two years, then I moved to work in MM; brand, one of the leading companies in the field of design in Bahrain.

After working for two years in MM, I moved to work in a Saudi government institution specialized in medical services, and I was in charge of the public relations and media department for two years. Alongside these experiences, I participated in numerous design projects to create trademarks for companies, and also joined draining team companies to assist with creating their trademarks.

This all eventually led me to start my own business in the field of graphic design, and expand my work on a regional level; based in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the capital of cultural and industrial development.

Do you have any future projects?
Yes, there are many future plans to come, but we still haven’t finalized the details yet.


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