Aiywa is a news app that recently launched for iOS users by a Kuwaiti-based company. Already available for Android users, the app allows iPhone and smartphone users to easily navigate news outlets, publications, and blogs. Simply sign up and choose a category of your preference; whether it’s news and business or entertainment and lifestyle.

A unique feature Aiywa offers is a subscription to well-known magazines and bloggers in the region, such as Khaleejesque, 2:48am, Frankom and Wainmaaro7 in order to view any of their posts or articles on your feed, along with various international publishers. If you’re a reader and would like to follow the news of your region as well as being updated on events, then Aiywa is an app for you.

To follow our news feed, subscribe to Khaleejesque's tab through Aiywa’s app.

To download the app, visit the Play Store or the App Store.


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