Bahrain’s Art Space ‘Alriwaq’ is hosting an interactive exhibition organized by Sharjah Art Foundation titled ‘Do It بالعربي.’ It is a co-curated project by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hoor Al Qasimi that includes more than 70 artists across the MENA region.

Instructions were placed at different locations in Bahrain for participants and the public to artistically unfold and acknowledge current issues facing society and the world. The exhibition, which is similar to a treasure hunt, includes a majority of installations that are interactive, with required activities such as graffiti and origami. All of the instructions are set on walls and printed on handouts around the art space.

The exhibition invites everyone to express themselves through art, as the initial idea is to create a game through art, where everyone has the rules, tapping into notions of: freedom, democracy, as well as transforming art into something that anyone can create. The community crafts their artwork based on their own interpretation of the artist’s installation, placing their marks in the art space as they unconsciously change and evolve the character of the exhibition with their remarks.

The exhibition will continue till August 13th, 2016 at Malja, Bahrain

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