One cyclist who has been under UAE’s spotlight lately is Yousif Mirza; a leading Emirati cyclist and the first from the country to compete in the Olympics since Ali Sayed Darwish in the 1996 Atlanta games. As the head of Al-Nasr Pro Cycling Team, Yousif has been racing all year long in both regional and international competitions, being a four-time winner of the UAE National Championships.

He has participated in major events such as the Asian Cycling Championships in Thailand, in which he achieved an impressive second finish. He has also joined both Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tours in preparation for the biggest competition he has ever faced; the Rio 2016 games.

Yousif’s achievements have been building up giving him a successful chance to win powerful races against the biggest names in the cycling world, some of whom he will face in Rio on Saturday, 6th August at the men’s road race starting, a 241.5-kilometre course.

For more information on the Rio 2016 Olympics please visit their website.


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