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Where can you find performance upgrades, custom paint jobs, a four wheel Dyno Jet tester, customized Big Bear Choppers, a car and motor bike showroom, exclusive clothing, gear and memorabilia plus the most specialized service that a client can find in the Kuwaiti auto industry?

It may seem like a very overwhelming list but G Force Auto Worx certainly does take care of the job. Located in the Free Trade Zone in Shuwaikh, this one stop auto specialist gives every discerning client, and their car, the special treatment that they deserve. Owners Khaled Al-Mudhaf, Mohammed Al-Yousef and Faisal Al-Sabah give the Khaleejesque team a little insight into their venture.

KT: What exactly is G Force?
GF: G Force Auto Worx is an exotic car showroom and high performance shop all wrapped in one.

KT: What does G Force aspire to be?
GF: Our business strives to be the most prestigious high performance car service centre in Kuwait. Our business is the gold standard in our field. We have acquired the most highly skilled staff and boast a state of the art workshop and breathtaking showroom. We base our business on exclusivity and meeting our clients every need.
KT: When can the public anticipate the official launch?
GF: Our grand opening will take place in the upcoming month. However, the G Force Auto Worx car and motor bike showroom has been open for a few months and our workshop itself has been running for 8 months. We are yet to unveil our first floor showroom, which will probably occur alongside the grand opening.
KT: What types of services can car enthusiasts find?
GF: Our company is an exotic car trader, where we buy and sell the most exclusive of vehicles. We are also the Big Bear Chopper dealer in Kuwait, our choppers are made to order and cutomised to our clients individual liking. Our workshop provides all the services an exotic car might require though we specialise in performance upgrades, custom paint jobs as well as dyno testing. We take great pride in assuring ourselves to stay on top of the ever changing marketplace by delivering the most cutting-edge products to our loyal customers. Our mission is to offer the ulimate satisafaction to our clientele by challenging ourselves in providing the suffcient time and energy required on every car that we have the pleasure of working on.

KT: What was the main reason behind starting this venture in Kuwait?
GF: We as the partners have a common and most fervent passion for motorcars and all that is related to them, so choosing the auto industry was a natural process for us. We had noticed that there was a lack of high performance shops in Kuwait and so chose to deliver a store that offers the ultimate of tuning tools and premium service for high end super cars in Kuwait.

KT: How can G Force best describe their main customers?
GF: People who have a passion for vehicles and who want to receive the best service they can. Our business focuses on providing the best available workmanship to the ultimate car enthusiast

KT: What product or service is G Force most known for?
GF: Our four wheel Dyno Jet tester, which is top of the range and the only four wheel tester in Kuwait. This device allows the car owner to test the ultimate torque and horsepower that their vehicle possesses.

KT: What are G Force's future goals and services?
GF: Our primary goal is to improve the standard of the motor industry in Kuwait. We also aim to hold world standard track events and make our company less of a business and more like a lifestyle, where our services will go above and beyond any other service centre and car showroom. Ultimately we would like to expand to other countries and make G Force Auto Worx a global brand.

– Khaleejesque would like to send a special thank you to Mr. Denzil Chetty for his contribution. For more information you can contact him at
Images courtesy of G Force Auto Worx.

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