Summer to some people is all about laying on the beach tanning and having a relaxing time, for others this is not the case. For thrill seekers, the beach is much more than just recliners and sand, it’s a port to launch those exciting water sports/activities and rev up your adrenaline.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the latest fun action-packed activities taking the world of water-sports and activities fanatics by storm, here are some of our picks:

Sea Breacher: Looks like a mini-torpedo or submarine, the Sea Breacher is on top of our lists of must-try. Note we didn’t say must-get cause this little baby is extremely expensive. A unique dolphin-inspired submersible watercraft, that can jump, dive and roll like real dolphins, the Sea Breacher can reach cruising speeds of 40 mph and underwater speeds of 20mph; and best of all you’re safe, secure and dry in a sealed cockpit.

Spinning Tow-ball: Imagine being pulled in a boat whilst you are inside an inflatable ball floating on the surface of the water; yes very intense. The Spinning Tow-ball makes the banana boat seem like child's play. Did we mention that it spins as well? Not an activity for the faint-hearted, the Spinning Tow-ball offers a full-speed joyride that will take your breath away, literally.

Wego Kite Tube: A combination of water-sking, kite-flying and para-gliding, this inflatable tube takes water sports to the next level. Be dragged across the water by boat as you whizz through the waves, fly and glide a couple of meters and then hit sea-level again; this is just a synopsis of what the Wego Kite Tube can do. Not for the faint-hearted and certainly high on the thrill meter and as well as a bit dangerous if not operated with care, this Wego Kite Tube leaves nothing to the imagination. We’re guessing it’ll be the Gulf’s new answer to the fly fish.

Sumo Body-surfing Tube: A twist on Body surfing, you don’t need a board to do this activity. Instead, you just wear the sumo-inspired inflatable outfit hold onto the rope and water-ski on your stomach. It’s much easier and more fun than we described it, not to mention safer. It’s the fear-hearted’s answer to body-surfing, atleast you’re in an inflatable vest like outfit the whole time.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing: Finally if you are overwhelmed by all those adrenaline high activities, Stand Up Paddle Surfing is for you. An activity that ranks the lowest on our thrills meter, but a fun water sport nonetheless, Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a twist on surfing and kayaking. Riders stand up on a special surfboard, and kayak themselves around using a long paddle. Not only is it fun, but it gives one a core work-out as one tries to balance on the board as well as paddle his/her way around, thereby giving all core muscles a workout. Couple with some waves, Stand Up Paddle Surfing can be loads of fun and the closest you can get to surfing in the Gulf.

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