With the overflow of online design boutiques, it becomes hard to differentiate quality from quantity. We at Khaleejesque however, saw the quality in November 9, featured in il.box for their plopes, a postcard/envelope hybrid. We sat down with them to ask some questions about their business, based In Jeddah.

Describe your brand:

We are an art and design boutique based in Jeddah. At N9 we create for our clients, ourselves, and for the love of art.

What was the inspiration behind the brand:

Our primary concern was to provide the highest quality work in all our services, and to also satisfy our clients.

What kind of products do you offer?

We not only sell products such as plopes, and postcards, we also custom make wedding cards for our clients, among the many design services we offer.


What’s your design/selection process?

There's somewhat a unique pattern in how we work. The entire process is interconnected. We also conduct extensive research behind our client's concepts. Our work is logical but emotional as well. While we appreciate the importance of our client's deadlines, we explain that time is crucial to quality. Time dictates, determines and adds value to our work. The final product must have a strong concept. We therefore make sure to involve our clients in the creative process.

What’s the future of your brand?

While we strive for growth in the artistic profession, we balance this against the need to remain focused and therefore always client-centric. We do not want to be the "big" brand, but the "it" brand. We are a boutique in our art, our designs, and everything else that we do.

What is your social media tag?

#novmbr9 #plope #forphotographys_sake

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