Origami, Re-envisioned

Have you ever wondered why hand-made items always seem to look more refined and desirable? To be concise, machines can’t pour their hearts and souls into what they make. Folded however, needs no machines. In summary, is an origami folding business which promotes a “do it yourself” attitude, because handcrafted work is always more profound. We sat down with Folded to learn more about the origami folding business.

Describe your brand…

Folded revolves around making origami products for leisure use, design or decoration. My products range from a simple keychain to car ornaments to medium size models you can keep at home to huge life size models of certain items based on the demand. Some of my products are ready made and can be bought as they are, but most of my customers like the custom models. I usually coordinate my customer’s request to make sure it’s within the line of reason. If someone wants to gift a piece, we usually discuss that person’s favorite color and design.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

I’ve been doing origami for years now, usually gifting small things here and there during class or after school to people I know. I decided that being able to expand and actually make more complex and complicated models that someone purposefully desires would give me a greater sense of joy. I also give some classes on how to make some simple models from time to time so it helps keep my passion for origami alive.

Where can people shop?

Most of my orders are custom orders so there’s no real "shopping" involved. If there’s a ready made product that has the caption “available for sale” on my Instagram, they can purchase it some of my ready made products aren’t shown there so people can just ask me what’s available.

Where do you ship to?

Unfortunately, we don’t ship anywhere at the moment because I’m a niche business. If someone wants a product and has people they know in Kuwait they can buy it through them but as a business I don’t ship anywhere yet.

What’s the future of your brand?

I am hoping to attract the attention of other major origami folders around the country to increase the production capacity of my brand and employ others.
I wont be in Kuwait for much longer so leaving Folded in the hands of capable people here who share the same dreams as I do would be great in carrying on the future of this brand.

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