Design, digital graphics and print, these are some of the services Ghassan Salamah provides through his Beirut based studio, which he started after receiving a Master’s degree from the European Design Labs in Madrid.


Design, to Ghassan, is not a simple daily creation, but a craft that requires mastering. Drawing his inspiration from a combination of product design and conceptual art, he continues to experiment with materials taken from local markets, acknowledging the importance of traditional design. Ghassan takes up challenges by seeking solutions to issues that occur in design; through these he presents innovation and complex forms of techniques seen within his products.


The Arthropod Collection focuses on versatility. It includes various fixtures of raw iron, gold brass, red copper and polished stainless steel attached together by multidirectional hand-milled hinges along the axles. One of the advantages the limited collection provides is flexibility in both directing the light in any direction, and its form of size; extending to one meter high and a square of 50 x 50 cm, making it easier for the buyer to place on limited spaces. The creative and artistic collection offers different models, material and color options.

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