He may be young but Taufiq Bamatraf ’s positive attitude is almost contagious. Having overcome many battles of circumstance and fought off negativity, this rising young star is not only taking the world of athletic tricks by storm but also finds time to volunteer and take part in motivational events.

Also known by his pseudonym Taufiqstyler, he states “I introduced a new comedy/drama concept on Instagram that addresses all the hardships that a street player faces, whether it's from the community or among street players themselves." A professional freestyle football player since 2010 and now the Arab Representative for the Freestyle Football Federation, Bamatraf has been spending his time attending major events and grand openings where he has been able to spread joy.

He believes that travelling allows him to touch the lives of others and provides daily opportunities. He sets clear goals with short term points so as not to pressure himself and keeps sticky notes on hand. Of course he has lazy days but quickly reminds himself it’s not about fitness it’s about mentality. Having recently launched his YouTube channel to teach the art of freestyle and introduce the game, rules, culture, tournaments he'll later be adding reviews for different freestyle gear.

To Bamatraf well-being can be as simple as morning gahwa with someone you love and he lives by the motto, “Have a healthy mind and the rest will follow.” Despite sometimes doubting himself, he knows that if he just does one thing passionately then he will be sure to succeed.

For more information on Taufiq visit www.instagram.com/taufiqstyler

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