IDAM1Nestled at the top floor of the renown Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, IDAM is a uniquely designed very innovative restaurant in Doha. Its location under the dome of the museum gives IDAM an astounding unprecedented backdrop in which restaurant goers can enjoy delectable dishes.

Set in a highly prized setting that is in proximity to valued Islamic antiquities and artifacts, IDAM was designed by none other than famous interior designer Philippe Stark. Stark combines locally inspired furnishings and translates them into chic and timeless design all while maintaining a balance between modernity and classicism that delivers a dynamic environment with Arabian touches. Upon entering, guests are charmed by the lush black carpet laced with white Arabic calligraphy that recalls the folk tales of the Islamic Golden Age, One Thousand and One Nights.

Not only are its interiors designed by a top class designer, so is its menu. Created by renowned Chef Alain Ducasse, who is behind many Michelin star studded eateries around the world, IDAM serves a French Mediterranean cuisine with an Arabic twist. Innovative and flavorsome, IDAM recreates timeless classics of local and regional cuisine. It’s worthy to note that most of the ingredients used are sourced fresh produce and ingredients from the local Qatari market.

IDAM’s menu fits seamlessly with the architecture and the design of its setting. It offers the likes of mezze chickpeas and lentils, “harira,” marinated bonite fish from the Arabian Gulf, lemon-gold caviar and preserved lamb and spices cromesquis. The standout signature dishes available at IDAM and which have been getting raving reviews are the tender camel, and duck foie gras-black truffle. For those of you with a sweet tooth, the desserts range from dark chocolate treats to soft crunchy and iced Iranian pistachio.

If that wasn’t enough, IDAM is also taking eating to a different level and recreating the dining experience. Its main dining area features floor to ceiling bookcases, providing guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Middle Eastern culture; the Arabic texts are not merely a part of IDAM’s design, on the contrary guests are encouraged to read and learn about arts and culture as they enjoy the dishes served. Not content with simply designing a place for people to eat, Philippe Starck has transformed the space into an intellectual haven, for after all it is set in the Museum of Islamic Art.

IDAM is located at the Museum of Islamic Art, Corniche Street at Doha, Qatar. Prior reservations are required for the restaurant, Tel: +974 44224488.

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