Who doesn't enjoy those superhero movies, where we sit down for about 2 hours jaw-dropped about something that may never happen in real life but when we leave the cinema, we tell ourselves,"Why couldn't I be dropped from space, or be born a millioniare with an English butler," or better yet, be a "genius billionaire playboy philanthropist?"

Superhero movies have invaded cinemas and pirated-selling dvd stores since I can remember. Malayisan artists Chow Hon Lam is obviously a fan of superheros and has created a humorous collection of hardworking superheroes in a series he called 'Part Time Jobs' or in other words, what superheros would really be doing if it wasn't for all the fame and money (unless you're Batman because that's all you have). Cast your eyes below on several different superheros and what you can call, their actual jobs as superheros. Funny, amusing, and absolutely entertaining by Chow Hon Lam.

Check out his tumblr page at Flying Mouse 365

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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