Every once in a while a new superfood is discovered in the health world, with people trying to get the maximum benefit out of their meals nowadays, food scientists are digging into the nutritional facts of every fruit and vegetable to discover the hidden nutritional values. The latest trend is coconut oil, in spite of all the facts that we used to hear about it being bad for your heart and such, it is actually good for your body in so many different ways.

According to the article published on The Dr. Oz Show titled 'The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil' by Pina LoGiudice, Siobhan Bleakney and Peter Bongiorno, coconut oil is a wonder!

The intake of coconut oil helps your body in resisting viruses and bacteria that causes you to be sick. Since coconut oils affects our hormones and controls blood-sugar in a positive way, it will improve how your body handles blood sugar and insulin. Another important thing is that by consuming coconut oil, you will boost your metabolism increasing your digestion.

In addition to all the previous benefits, it has been proven that coconut can reduce cholesterol in your body by increasing the good cholesterol in the blood stream. As for the benefits for women, it can help keep your weight balanced as it has been tested that women who consume coconut oil had lower amounts of abdominal fat.

With all the proven benefits and its yummy taste, make sure to add coconut oil to all those delicious treats you bake or even when cooking a hot meal. It tastes excellent with rice, noodles, sweet treats and many more light meals. You can find more recipes online about healthy snacks and meals containing coconut oil.

Image by Egahen

– Fajer Al Farsi

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