The other behind the wall, 2009, one of Triptych (119 cm. diameter each), Lamba Print

Ayyam Gallery of Jeddah has always been the home of many artists to showcase their art. Artists from around the region have had their work shown to visitors worldwide. Ayyam Gallery have set the stage once again for another celebrated Arab artist.

Faisal Samra, a renowned Saudi Arabian artist who resides in Bahrain will finally return home after 13 years. Installations include Arab Spring talking about the recent political revolution. "Exposing the truth" is art's main job according to Faisal. With triptychs, he transforms art on a canvas to meaning for the people. Faisal has been part of many exhibitions outside of Saudi Arabia in the past and has always added a little controversy to his work. Casablanca, Dubai, Paris, London, Tokyo, South Korea, and many more countries have witnessed Faisal's work and coming back home is the perfect next step.

The exhibition by Ayyam Gallery will be as follows:

Date: 24th of September 2013 till the 31st of October 2013 at 7pm

Location: Bougainvillea Center Jeddah, Gate 2. Third Floor, Malik Road, next to etoile and stars avenue, Al-Shati District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

For more information call +966 2 613 4111 or +966 2 613 2011 or visit www.ayyamgallery.com

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