POT (Madrid 2008)

Acting in the streets since he was a teenager, street artist SpY  from Madrid began his work during the mid-eighties. He was one of the leading figures in the graffiti scene. He believes that "graffiti is a priceless, vital, and artistic school and above all, an intensive and prolonged training in the exercise of observation."

SONY DSCAround the mid-nineties, SpY felt that he was outgrowing traditional graffiti; this led him to experiment more means of expression through the elements that surrounded him. The artist does not produce his work in galleries or exhibitions, his art is more like adding certain items to the street.

"Subtlety is not something that the current street art scene has us used to. On some occasions it comes off as intrusive as outdoor publicity, that inescapable machine whose existence is usually wielded as an argument to justify the presence of independent art in the street."

What makes his work interesting is that it is filled with irony and humor, he approaches the urban elements on the street and transforms them into something else by either adding or reconstructing, "they appear to make the passer-by smile".

Check out more of his work on his website www.SpY.org.es

– Fajer Al Farsi




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