Over the years, the funniest and most humorous talk show hosts have entertained us, inspired us, and have given us the most amusing 1-hour slots during our busy work-filled days. From the always dancing and enthusiastic Ellen DeGeneres to the entertaining and gleeful Graham Norton, here's our list of the Top 10 Talk Show Hosts gracing our TV screens today.

10. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a standup comedian, a host of a very popular talk show on E! and has appeared in movies like This Is War with Reese Witherspoon. Chelsea Lately started airing back in 2007 and what a hit it still is! Unlike most other talk shows, this one is NOT meant to induce positivity. In fact, "The worse the guests are, the more pathetic they are, the funnier the show is."

9. Craig Ferguson

Get ready for this long list of accolades: Mr. Craig Ferguson is a television host, an actor, writer, director, producer, voice artist and standup comedian. His CBS talk show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson isn't doing so bad -oh and perhaps you remember him from The Drew Carey Show?

8. Graham Norton

What do you get when you cross an Irish, an alcoholic drink, and a hilarious laugh? You get Graham Norton. He's the host of comedy chat show The Graham Norton Show where he invites Hollywood and British A-listers. The best part? They all sit on the same couch at the same time.

7. Jon Stewart

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the go-to news source to many of us (even though he repeatedly claims that his news is not fact-checked). Yes, he makes fun of and criticizes the whole political world, but you have to admit, you'd rather watch an hour of his show than 10 seconds of any regular news channel.

6. Stephen Colbert

Like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert also knows a thing or two about politics. The Colbert Report is an Emmy award winning news show which pokes fun at all the political issues in the world in such a lovely comedic way.

5. David Letterman

David Letterman has his own, unique way of spreading humor and because of that, he has been on the air since 1982 with the Late Night with David Letterman. He is also one of the most nominated people in television with 52 Emmy award nominations!

4. Jay Leno

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has been on the air from 1992 till 1999, was cancelled in the beginning of 2010 but made a return 2 months later and after a legendary performance on the show, he is set to retire next year with Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show. With his collection of almost 200 cars, surely he has something to do after retiring.

3. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel hasn't been on the air as long as many people on this list, but what an impact he made on our television sets ever since his show aired back in 2003. With many humorous segments in between, this talk show is definitely one to watch.

2. Jimmy Fallon

From starring in Taxi and Fever Pitch to hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the comedian has an impressive résumé and for that, he will succeed in The Tonight Show and make his mark permanent in the world of late night chat shows on TV.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Ellen DeGeneres is number one on our list. Dancing, games, funny segments, Hollywood's elite actors and actresses, makes Ellen the queen of talk shows and possibly everyone's dose of daily smiles, laughter and pure entertainment.

– Adnan Al Timimi

Featured Image: www.ellentv.com

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