An industrial design graduate from RMIT University in Australia, artist Sonia Rentsch created a series titled "Harm Less", a series in which she constructs weapons such as guns, grenades and bullets using plants and other organic materials.

Rentsch used different plants to create different guns, ironicallyconstructing viscous tools of  weaponry from the least harmful materials in nature. Viewing the images from afar, one can completely believe that they are seeing a photo of a weapon, but once one comes closer to the image, it is apparent that this completely harmless gun is in fact made of plants.

Famous for creating still life scenes using the simplest of objects, Rentsch has done a lot of still life work that has been published in various media outlets.

To see more of Sonia Rentsch's fantastic works of art visit her official website: www.soniarentsch.com

– Fajer Al Farsi





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