Antoni Tudisco is a 21 year old artist based in Germany. Sketching ever since he was a child, Tudisco developed a great passion for art and design. After receiving his diploma at the age of 18, he started getting the attention of various artists and agencies, and has since landed major clients which include MTV Philippines, Nestle, Reebok and Vans.

Specializing in 3D art, Tudisco's most recent project, "The Wood Project", is a digital art project in which he digitally illustrates different objects such as a burger, a shoe, a skull, making them look like they were carved out of wood. The transformed objects are random and the specific attention to detail makes them look very realistic.

The Wood Project is just one of many artistic 3D projects that were made by the talented Tudisco. To see more of his work visit his website

– Fajer Al Farsi








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