An established YouTube viral star, Alaa Wardi is an impressive musician with many hidden talents. An Iranian Music and Sound Engineering graduate born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Wardi is known for his a cappella covers which are made only using his voice, mouth, and body.

With millions of hits and a loyal following, Wardi enjoys making and sharing quality music in several languages (a fact which is equally as impressive as his musical skills). We caught up with the YouTube music sensation to talk about his viral hits, future plans and musical journey.

How did you first start making YouTube videos?

I made a video to show my friends and by chance it started spreading on the internet, and other people started to watch, like and share it. That inspired me to make more and more videos and songs. Every musician's dream is that people would listen to their music and get moved by it, and I got this opportunity on YouTube, so I've been working on YouTube ever since and god knows for how much longer.

The videos are very complex and layered, how long does it usually take you to record a song? And what is your favorite video you've created?

It usually takes me about a month to make one a cappella video because I arrange, record, mix, shoot and edit the video all by myself. I don' really have a favorite but other people seem to like and their opinion matters the most.

What type of music do you like to recreate?

There's no specific type, just good songs!

Have you ever thought of releasing original songs or creating an album? 

I'm actually releasing an album next month by my band "Hayajan" and I hope people would like it too, because I love to make music as much as I love to recreate it. People seem to like my originals too as you can see on my channel, not all that is uploaded are covers.

You play a variety of instruments in a recent video, when and how did you first get into the musical world?

I started playing music vary late, at 16 maybe. But I took it seriously when I started studying music. I studied for four years and got a BA in Music then I took a Diploma in Sound Engineering.

Your videos have received millions of views and you're seen as a YouTube celebrity, does this motivate you to expand and develop yourself as an artist?

Yes of course, but not necessarily outside of YouTube. Nowadays the new media has become as important as the old media, as we've seen that all the stars, celebs, companies, and major brands are trying to get involved in the social and new media. So why not have people rising from the new media? From their homes, behind their computers, they feel more genuine to the audience than the people on TV or radio. So yes, It does motivate and inspire me to make more videos and music and develop myself as an artist of course.

Do you have any future plans for your YouTube channel or music career?

Nothing specific, just keep on making music!

Do you have any advice for people wanting to create their own YouTube channel?

Yes, START! Don't wait to be discovered, just start making good things and opportunities will come your way by themselves.

To check out more of Alaa Wardi's music, visit his YouTube channel

– Staff Writer

Image courtesy of Alaa Wardi 

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