Mademoiselle Maurice is a 28 year old Paris-based French artist. The artist devoted herself entirely to colorful creations using mediums such as origami, lace and photography. Her work looks simple when observed from a far angle, but once you get closer, you'll instantly observe the intricate details of her work.

After studying architecture in Lyon, France she moved to Japan for a year, which explains the country's influence on her work, as well as her love for origami.

Beyond her studio, she decided to devote herself to the world of the street, an "open air museum," to create and achieve huge urban performances and installations. Unlike traditional street art, like graffiti for example, she creates something more complex using plain old colored paper. But don't get us wrong, there's nothing plain about Mademoiselle Maurice's work.

Check out more photos of of her work below!






– Fajer Al Farsi


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