You wake up in the morning with a clear head and with a long day of work ahead of you. You're in your car going to work, you turn on the radio and all of a sudden you hear, "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe?"

That song stays in your head from the moment you hear it till you go to sleep at night. And there's more where that came from. There have been so many stuck-in-your-head songs since the dawn of mankind, so here are 15 of the most "stuck in your head songs" ever. You'll probably be singing at least half of these by the end of the day.

10. Eiffel 65 – Blue

Some of these songs bring back so many memories and this one has to be on top of that list. Even though it makes no sense at all, the song was always on our CDs, cassettes and even some of our iPods.

9. Coldplay – Paradise

When Coldplay released their fifth album back in 2011, who knew they'd record a song which will turn out to become a favorite not only for Coldplay fans but even for people who had no idea the band existed.

8. Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire

Time after time, song after song, Alicia Keys is always making memorable tunes. "Empire State of Mind", "If I Ain't Got You", and now she's recorded a song which is so catchy, even guys will sing it.

7. Europe – The Final Countdown

I can’t remember where (or when) I first heard this song. I think it was from one of the Winning Eleven games on PlayStation 2. Wherever it's from, I can tell you that I still get as excited as a 10 year old whenever it pops up on the radio.

6. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

Dumdum, dada dumdum, dada dumdum, dada dumdum, da! We may not understand a single word the legendary King of Pop says in the song, but the beat, rhythm and everything in between is so catchy!

5. The Rembrandts – I'll Be There for You (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

Arguably the world's favorite TV show and the theme song isn't too bad either.

4. Lion King – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Frankly, all Disney songs are catchy and always get stuck in your head: "Beauty and The Beast", "A Whole New World", and "Circle of Life" but it's another song from the classic The Lion King that has set itself in our minds forever.

3. Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together

The most hated singer in the office. From the 7216 breakup songs she's recorded, this ridiculous song has to top that list. No one will ever be as depressing as her. Like ever.

2. Aqua – Barbie Girl

The hairdos? The outfits? The fact that this song is number 2? Can you blame me?

1. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

From all the parody videos on YouTube and all the different jokes created by the now famous chorus, "Call Me Maybe" has to be number 1 on our list, and yours.

Got any other "stuck in your head" songs? Share them with us in the comments!

– Adnan Al Timimi

Image: Javiera de Aguirre

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