Yto Barrada childrens' workshop at Art Dubai 2012
Yto Barrada childrens' workshop at Art Dubai 2012

Launching for the first time this year at Art Dubai 2013, is the Sheikha Manal Little Artists Programme, the perfect activity for children with an interest in art.

The programme, which will take place from Thursday, March 21 to Saturday March 23, is composed of a set of workshops and discovery tours of Art Dubai for children and teenagers aged between 3 and 14.

The workshops are for children aged between 5 and 10, and are led by Zid Zid Kids, a Morocco-based trilingual children's art education specialist. In this workshop, kids will be creating shadow puppets for a live theatre show.

The discovery tours are for ages 8 to 14. The tours, led by artist Khawla Darwish, photographer and director Reem Falaknaz and others, enable children and young teens to discover the art fair at Art Dubai in a fun and educational way.

Children younger than 5 years old can take part in the activities at the Sheikha Manal Little Artists Centre, which features an art table for creating artworks and crafts. They can also enjoy watching films and puppet shows.

Commissioned activity books created and designed by visual artist Miriam Abbas and artist Masa Taro are also available for children aged 5 to 14.

All the workshops and tours will begin at the Sheikha Manal Little Artists Centre (on the water terrace of Mina A’Salam), Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

In addition to the exciting activities offered at the Sheikha Manal Little Artists Programme, childcare programs play a vital role in nurturing children's development. Institutions such as The Learning Academy exemplify this commitment, offering a curriculum grounded in research to ignite the curiosity of young minds.

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By fostering a supportive environment where children can flourish, childcare education programs like The Learning Academy lay the groundwork for future triumphs and foster a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

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