Having a book full of artistically talented people around the Gulf is definitely something new. It's like a visual guide of art drawn or captured by the most gifted artists. The book features a fantastic collection of work from graphic designers, illustrators and photographers in the UAE and trust me when I say this, this book is a must-buy.

Created by Emirati designer Mariam Bin Natoof, this high-quality book shows off each individual's love and passion for art in all its shapes, sizes, and colors. First, the logo of Mawahib is creative and in the same time, tells a lot about the directory. Once you flip the book open, you will be amazed by all the colorful art in the book including stories from the different artists.

The Emirati edition is filled with talent from the UAE and we love it! People from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Um Al Quwain tell their story as well as showcase their art to the readers. Mawahib have done a great job in promoting artists from the UAE and giving them their own chance to shine.

You can purchase the book online for only AED 180 or at the Mexar Gift wrapping & Crafts Studio in Dubai or soon in Kinokuniya or Magrudy's. I mean it when I say this again, this book is a must-buy!

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– Adnan Al-Timimi

Mariam Bin Natoof




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