There are many photographers that excel in multiple fields of photography these days. However, Jamal Al Ayoubi is a photographer that caught our eye the moment we saw his work. Al Ayoubi was born in 1980 and started pursuing his love for photography by the age of 15. In 1999, he obtained his first digital camera, and what was once his hobby became his professional life. Al Ayoubi has won multiple awards and received a membership in the “International Federation of Art Photography”. In 2007, he started to take photos of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants across the Gulf under the “Eagle Vision Media Group” (EVMG).

Today, Jamal Al Ayoubi has the ability to photograph anything from portraits to architecture, including wildlife photography. We stumbled upon Jamal through his Flickr page where most of his work is presented. We were surprised to find such a photographer that can make almost anything look beautiful. This comes to show that Kuwait is home of many talents, and Jamal Al Ayoubi, is certainly one of the best photographers Kuwait has to offer.

To view more of his work, visit his Flickr page here

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