Toujouri, a Qatar based fashion brand with a name that literally translates to "jewelery box/safe", has recently opened the doors of its flagship boutique in Doha. Located at The Pearl Island, Parcel 1, Shop No14, in Doha, Qatar,  the Toujouri flagship boutique was designed by internationally acclaimed architect Peter Marino; who has designed iconic stores for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior worldwide.

The store is an aesthetic gallery representation of Toujouri’s literal translation, “treasure chest," and represents a unique interpretation of the label’s spirit. Peter Marino's creativity is manifested into a modern fluid store that invokes an atmosphere of exploration and transformation. “We looked to the designer's unique iconography when designing Toujouri, and tried to reflect it in the store's architecture. That, combined with elements of the Qatari landscape, informed the store's overall design”, confirmed Peter Marino.

The store features a rich façade of a traditional chest with giant brass studs. A very modern walkway with floor-to-ceiling lighting houses an exhibition of select garments. Inside the store, diverse materials in different shades of white are layered to achieve a warm neutral environment that offsets Toujouri’s precious embellishments, luxurious fabrics and exclusive jewel-toned colours. Lighting is used to dramatic effect to express Toujouri ‘s spirit and craftsmanship.

Emphasis on detail, texture and a hand-done effect is evident everywhere, from the marble floor to the hand-customised seating, the lighting and hand-painted screens which enhance the sensation of an evolving space. This focus and enabling the environment to showcase garments as jewellery, making everything feel exquisite and inviting while enriching the shopping experience, communicates cleverly what Toujouri is about, says Lama El Moatessem, the designer.

The Toujouri Boutique flagship opening was just as magnificent as the boutique and was a hot ticket in the Qatari Social Scene. In attendance at the dynamic opening were local VIP’s and members of the royal family, all of whom are supporters of Toujouri’s talented designer, Lama El Moatassem. Also at the event were key international titles including Vogue UK, Vanity Fair and Tank.

With a stunning new SS12 collection set out in the spacious new boutique, Toujouri is all set to take the Middle East, and the world, by storm!
For more information, check out their website
Jenny King of Grazia with Lama El Moatassem (Designer of Toujouri)
Ritu with Imran Amed of Business of Fashion
Caroline Issa of Tank Magazine with Lama El Moatassem
Harriet Quick of Vogue UK &DAPHNE VASSILIADES of Atelier Mayer
Eva Alfonso &Katrina Judd
Lama El Moatassem with mother and other family members
Lama El Moatassem’s cousins, both in Toujouri
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