On Thursday, 26th of January, 2012, Katara Art Center in Doha, Qatar, held the highly anticipated three-day exhibition in collaboration with Sotheby's Auction House London. The exhibition included 13 pieces of distinguished artworks by noted artists such as  Burri, Ritcher, Basquit and Takashi Murakami.

The exhibit, which was open to the general public, also featured the well-known Italian masterpiece “Mappa” by Boetti in addition to “Open Your Hands Wide” by Murakami. Incidentally, Murakami's work is expected to exhibit in Doha in February.

Sidonio Costa, Artistic Director and Head Curator of Katara Art Center, said: “It is our pleasure to host this exciting exhibition; the Sotheby’s Auction has helped position Qatar as a cultural hub of the Middle East. We aim to offer the people of Qatar the best of arts and culture, providing them with a platform to enrich their artistic and cultural knowledge, whilst building cultural bridges.”

Katara Art Center also organised a series of workshops open to art afficionados. Art specialists, Cheyenne Westphal and Lina Lazaar, took charge of these sessions in which they briefed the attendees about each painting and introduced them to the artist behind it.

The selection of artworks displayed is part of the Sotheby’s London Auctions of Contemporary Art, which is due to be held in the UK on the 15th and 16th February, 2012. Bidding on the artworks will begin at approximately 1 million US dollars.

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images courtesy of Katara

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