There's something about old things that attracts us humans. Old things bring back certain memories and remind us of days long gone; days that we now sit back and reminisce about, smile about and  laugh about even though we might have been crying about back then.

The past claims a certain charm; with the present being intolerable as we go through it, or indifferent to us at the moment and the future being a bleak spot in the horizon.

Show anyone an antique and they for sure will smile involuntarily or drift off into another world; a world where this piece used to be a generic thing as opposed to an antique. It's not the antique that makes that person smile, it's the thought that this antique has lived through that past and survived well into our present. An antique is essentially an artifact from a time long gone; a time that is a distant bleak memory.

Old things are reminders of lives once lived, experiences once cherished, lessons once learnt and taught/shared and ripple effect-ed through society; something that connects us to our ancestors, or people that have graced this Earth before us if only for a decade.

We sometimes seek refuge in the old days; due to the fact that they are over and done, we know what has happened, we're over it, but the present isn't that popular. For we  fear the present, since our future is not as foreseen as the past. But one thing's for sure, life always ends up proving the fact that "History almost always repeats itself"; something that is neither entirely good nor bad.

In the end, there's nothing like a dose of nostalgia to remind us that time is fleeting; so make the most of it…


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