Remember the days when fun was denoted by two things- “Baby Foot/Foosball” and “Billiards”- as opposed to high tech gadgets, gizmos and game consoles?

Well, here’s a chance to renact those good old days… but with a twist.

Let us introduce you to the human-version of “Foosball”/“Baby Foot” (whatever you call it), in which you become the actual dolls, as opposed to the players moving them.

A great group activity, this 3D inflatable game is a great way to have some old-fashioned fun. The Human Foosball game consists of 2 teams, with 6 players on each respective team all tied together by the waist thus forming the original player-rows on the board.

Hands aren’t allowed to touch the ball just like any other soccer game, a rule that makes this game one of endless laughs as you attempt to kick the ball as you are tied in place like the Baby Foot plastic players in the original device.

Available in Kuwait,through Bader Al-Terkait and Hamad Al-Muzaini, two young Kuwaitis who are the local proprietors of the Human Baby-foot game, this game can be rented and inflated anywhere you want. Great for days out at the Chalet, gatherings and parties alike, this Human Baby-foot game is sure to be a hit especially with the World Cup Fever we are experiencing.

Try out this highly entertaining outdoor activity by calling Human Baby-foot Kuwait at #55-42-9559 or email them at

– Images courtesy of Human Baby Foot Kuwait

-Khaleejesque Staff

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