The Art & Design Issue – #2


In keeping with our objective of choosing themes for each issue, we decided to name this one the “Art & Design” issue. After all, the Gulf has been bustling with art fairs, art & design movements and areas dedicated purely to art.

Art has never been a new industry in the Gulf, but contemporary art was quite obscure in the region; underrepresented and little understood. Likewise, design has been underappreciated in the region, with people barely understanding the importance of effective design and good branding. Find out who is changing the face of the art & design industry in this issue.

We also introduce you to the newest creative faces, from artists to graphic designers to jewelry designers, and talk to some of the most inspiring and successful people who are changing their respective industries through good design.

By the time you finish reading this issue, you won’t believe you’re in the Gulf!

Published April/May/June 2012

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