Sail #31


Sail – Issue 31
Published Jan/Feb 2018

Khaleejesque is taking a voyage in 2018, exploring new themes and discovering different people through the theme maritime. By connecting to the sea, we will be introducing marine elements into the magazine through features, cover stars, and design components.


This issue, we have the most award-winning jet ski champion in the Middle East, Mohammed Burbayea gracing our cover. The Kuwaiti athlete, who has won 21 world championships in the span of 10 years, told us how it all began.


Cinema Akil, based in Dubai, has been creating a moviegoing experience that allows people to come together, while Bahraini sound artist Hasan Hujairi has been making waves in the music scene with his new newly released album THROAT.


Finally, in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, we have drama therapist Fatma Al-Qadfan and art therapist Noorah Kareem exploring alternative therapy methods, while Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa delves into both traditional and alternative methods.

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