Khaleejesque March 2019


A note from the Editor-in-Chief Fouz Al-Sabah:

It’s so surreal that Khaleejesque has turned 10 years old. We’ve learned to crawl, braved our first steps, and now are ready to run and explore. There were plenty of growing pains, a.k.a learning experiences, throughout the past decade and we’re always in the process of exploring new territories and paving new paths.

One of these paths brings us to our current publication.

For the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a wave of activity washing through the Arab Gulf countries when it came to the cultural and creative industries. Nations, governments, and private organizations are spearheading a cultural and creative agenda. While it’s refreshing to see this sector take center stage, we feel it’s important to shed light on the inner workings and experiences of people working and living within them.

So we’re proud to present Khaleejesque’s first bi-annual publication which aims to present the insights, thoughts, and unique perceptions of the Arab Gulf’s dynamic creative culture. Join us on this journey and enjoy the conversation!

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