Can a cup of tea bridge cultures? Qi Ching, founder of hām-bîn, believes so with a passion. In a heartwarming gesture that speaks volumes, she presented flight gift boxes filled with exquisite tea to the passengers on the inaugural Chinese airline flight to Qatar. This thoughtful act transcends a simple welcome aboard. It serves as a testament to the power of tea – a deeply ingrained element of Chinese tradition for millennia.  

More than just a beverage, tea becomes a bridge, its aroma and flavor a shared experience that transcends language and connects people through warm moments of reflection. hām-bîn uses this cultural ambassador, tea, to not only share the warmth and richness of Chinese culture but also bring the art of tea experience to Qatar and the wider region.

(Marsya Abdulghani): How do you think sharing tea can act as a bridge between different cultures, fostering connections and understanding?

(Qi Ching): Tea is not just a simple piece of leaves; it is the greatest gift from nature. When it's cold, tea warms you up. When it's hot, tea cools you down. It keeps you company as you travel the world, broadening your horizons and helping you find yourself. Gathering people around one tea table, regardless of skin color or passport, sharing a pot of nature's treasures together, and serving tea in the same direction, irrespective of social status.

We engage in cross-cultural dialogues, sharing diverse perspectives, thoughts, and ideas over a cup of tea. At Hāmbîn tea table, we pair tea with dates, baklava, cheese cake, and various cuisines from different cultures around the world. We aim to discover balance and harmony, ensuring that no element overpowers the others. Instead, they complement and balance each other, promoting versatility and creativity. These are the lessons we have learned from tea, and we would love to share them with everyone.

(M.A.): How might the rituals and symbolism in your designs and experiences associated with tea enhance cultural exchange on a personal level?

(Q.C.): Since I founded hāmbîn, I want to create a lifestyle tea brand with a twist of Chinese and Arab culture. Have a look at our logo, it’s the great nature of a mandarin fan – “flowers, mountain, tree.” From top to bottom, together with moon and sun, day and night. We want to connect people with nature, from city to forest, with a cup of tea.

“茶” is a traditional Chinese hieroglyphic character of tea, our logo comes from it.

During Ramadan, we tweaked our logo into moon and stars, to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. We also have carefully selected tea cups, not only great for sharing tea, but also for Arabic coffee, water, or espresso.

(M.A.): How have different people from around the Gulf received your products, workshops, and experiences?

(Q.C.): Tea keeps you company as you travel the world, broadening your horizons and helping you find yourself. We are all waiting to shine with our own unique taste, just like this cup of tea. Please have a taste. 

We hosted a private tea ceremony in Kuwait with Earth Roastery to launch our specialty tea products. In Qatar, we hosted a matcha workshop at the Ned Hotel by the Corniche  and a home tea master class, and with our favourite vegan cafe in Doha, MYLK cafe for a wonderful jasmine tea experience, paired with GUCCI Bloom perfume. In the UAE, we will soon launch our specialty tea at the mindfully curated, award-winning destination ETHR Al Ain Oasis. We share sensory experiences and host various tea events with our favorite hotels and cafes in the region. Each event is customized for the moment.

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