At the Qatar Fashion United by CR Runway Show, presented by Qatar Creates and held at 974 Stadium during the World Cup 2022, a variety of Qatar-based fashion brands showcased their designs on the global stage with support from M7, Qatar's hub for fashion, design, and technology. Among the brands featured was Kaltham's Pavilion, a fine jewelry brand founded by Kaltham Al Majid, which accessorized the look of Mhefhef, a fashion brand founded by Mashael Al Nuaimi, with a five-piece set inspired by Qatari culture. The show, which had an audience of over 20,000 attendees, featured 150 designers from six continents and 50 countries, and was envisioned by Qatar Museums Chairperson H E Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Curated by French fashion editor Carine Roitfeld and directed by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, the show aimed to connect cultures and showcase a modern embrace of tradition and heritage.

Kaltham Al Majid, the founder of fine jewelry brand Kaltham's Pavilion, has a wide range of collections, including the cosmic collection, the arches collection, and a collaboration with Qatar-based influencer and entrepreneur MinKyung Kang. The collections feature precious pieces crafted from sapphires, diamonds, and other precious gemstones set in 18-karat gold, and offer a wide range of styles for customers to choose from.

We talk with Kaltham to understand more about her inspirations, business strategy, and how she hopes to grow Kaltham’s Pavilion into an international brand. 

World Cup Runway product images: Collab with Mashael Alnaimi
World Cup Runway product images: Collab with Mashael Alnaimi

Marsya Abdulghani (M.A.): What inspired you to start your own jewelry brand and how do you come up with the designs for your collections?

Kaltham Al Majid (K.A.): I wanted to create something different than what was being offered in the market. I was obsessed with gemstones, and I really wanted to offer a variety of colors rather than having only diamonds. I started my very first collection based on the lotus flower, the name of the collection was pink obsession as I mainly used pink sapphires and diamonds. The pink sapphire color created a brand identity for me as people recognize me from that collection. I draw my main inspiration from nature, culture, and architecture. 

(M.A.): How do you differentiate your brand from others in the industry?

(K.A.): My brand is an extension of me and everything I create or design. I think my brand has been very different in terms of the gemstones used and designs made. My main goal is to provide jewelry women can wear on a daily basis. I think my brand has a unique feminine style which is lacking in the jewelry industry as most famous jewelry designers are men. Lastly, we love to offer customization for our customers as I believe jewelry is an item that has a lot of sentimental value.

(M.A.): What were the challenges to elevate your brand through various platforms and how did you overcome them?

(K.A.): My toughest challenges are finding the correct resources with good quality. From packaging to jewelry manufacturers, it’s very difficult to source these things locally so we had to source them from abroad. Also following certain rules from the government can be challenging as they are constantly changing.

(M.A.): What strategies do you use to optimize your product listings and increase visibility on your online platform?

(K.A.): As a business owner, I try to reach a variety of strategies to enhance and increase both my product listing and visibility on my online platforms such as my own store website, Instagram platform and business WhatsApp. This helps my brand become more well-known and attract more potential customers and enables me to build a positive, friendly connection between my brand and the targeted customers. Product listing is one of the best ways to boost the product visibility and product sales and as the owner of Kaltham’s Pavilion jewelry I tend to focus on these important points; fine tuning my keyword strategy, optimize titles and product descriptions as well as marking up product pages with well-structured data, adding clear and helpful FAQS and last but not least it’s very important for me to share real testimonials and customer feedback as this shows the authenticity and veracity of the brand as a whole.

(M.A.): What is your future for Kaltham's Pavilion store and how do you plan to grow your business?

(K.A.): The future I put ahead for Kaltham’s Pavilion is expanding more as a brand and name internationally and having several different branches locally and in other countries as well as collaborating with top and well-known jewelry brands in the market. I plan to grow my own business by developing effective marketing campaigns to raise more awareness and attract new customers with the help of social media, online advertising, and traditional methods. Customer experience is the most important out of all and I tend to focus more on it by creating a positive shopping experience that encourages repeat customers and builds loyalty. Expanding the existing products is also an effective way to keep the business growing and developing. Lastly, continuous, and regular evaluation of processes, operations and customer feedback enhances the business efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Images courtesy of Kaltham’s Pavilion 

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