If we are to name top luxury cars the Rolls-Royce Phantom is firmly rooted in the top tier since its inception in 1925. A brand that is very (very) exclusive and always setting the bar high when it comes to luxury, they have now launched the eight-generation latest expression, Phantom Series II.

For anyone that has been lucky enough to have experienced a drive in the Phantom knows it is a timeless masterpiece, which is why one wonders what could they possibly have enhanced?

Phantom enthusiasts will be relieved to know that the new expression Phantom Series II preserves the very best of the legendary Rolls-Royce design, engineering, and craftsmanship. It has retained and carefully protected everything loyal clients love about this superlative and luxurious item; subtle, yet meaningful enhancements reflect their evolving tastes and requirements. In short, anyone who experiences the new ride will see that the latest expression is a perfect blend of vision, creativity, the finest materials, skill, patience, and precision. 

Visually a slight geometric change to the Pantheon Grille makes the ‘RR’ Badge of Honour and Spirit of Ecstasy mascot more prominent when viewed from the front. The grille itself is now illuminated, a feature debuted and popularised in Ghost. The headlights are graced with intricate laser-cut bezel starlights, creating a visual connection with the Starlight Headliner inside, and adding further surprise and delight to Phantom's night-time presence.

Upon inspection we see that the side profile retains Rolls-Royce’s signature short front and long rear overhang, long wheelbase and broad c-pillar, the latter giving greater privacy for occupants. It has however been further enhanced with a suite of new wheels. A 3D, milled, stainless steel wheel with triangular facets is available to commission in a fully or part-polished finish. Alternatively, Phantom may be graced with a truly elegant disc wheel, produced in both polished stainless steel and black lacquer, perfectly encapsulating the sense of flight on land.

Discerning Phantom clients had requested a darkened chrome grille surround, black bonnet reins, windscreen surround and side frame finishers, these may now be commissioned. This aesthetic now enables Rolls-Royce to transform Phantom into the lightest of light or the darkest of dark appearances.

The luxe interior remains almost unaltered, but the steering wheel has been made slightly thicker, providing a more connected and immediate point of contact for the owner-driver.

A brand-new practical feature that will be much appreciated is ‘Rolls-Royce Connected’, enabling the owner to send an address directly to the motor car from Whispers, the Rolls-Royce private members’ Application, providing seamless navigation. It also displays the motor car’s location, security status and current 'health' condition on Whispers; at the touch of a button, the owner can contact a preferred dealership for any servicing requirements or information about the car.

Phantom Series II is photographed amidst award-winning purebred Arabian horses on a farm in Wafra, Kuwait. Famous for their speed, gracefulness, and endurance, these majestic horses compliment the very best of Rolls-Royce design, engineering and craftsmanship – a perfect blend of vision, creativity, the finest materials, skill, patience and precision.

The captivating images showcase the inimitable perfection of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. This sophisticated yet awe-inspiring setting echoes exclusivity, endurance and confidence-which is everything and more that the legendary new expression Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II aspired to be.

Words: Saira Malik

Images: Ali Al-Shammari

Location: Asayel Khaled, Wafra – Kuwait

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