Nathalie Haddad
Nathalie Haddad

I noticed my clients’ were struggling to find healthy food to stay on par with their dietary goals. It was tough to stand by and watch them not find the means to supplement these goals, and I decided to take a stab at it and get a nutritionist certification. Through my experience being a nutritionist for 10 years, and spending years of my education in Dietetics and Clinical Nutritional Services, I believed I knew the secret ingredient to creating a nutrition-first, food brand that was also delicious. I had always been interested in the health industry, so seeing the demand rise, and a gap in the food and beverage industry, I decided to start Right Bite – a personalized healthy meal delivery service.

Before Right Bite began, I was counseling my clientele on what they could eat, and how to eat, recommending certain dietary plans to follow. I then introduced the idea of personalized meal plans, in line with the nutrition advice I was providing. Right Bite grew organically from there, and I was able to help my clients become the best version of themselves.

Having in-depth knowledge of how the F&B market works, I ensured that each part of the process was streamlined to perfection. From naturally sourced ingredients to preparing every dish in-house, Right Bite’s central kitchen allowed us to maintain control over the resources used and the quality of our output. My personal vision for the company came to life, creating the perfect mixture of nutritional counseling and personalized meal plans. Soon after, Right Bite was acquired by Kitopi – starting my journey as the Vice President of Meal Plans at the company – and giving Right Bite a bigger outreach into the evolving market.

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There were many ups and downs we faced. At one point, our office building burned down and we had to start from scratch. It was scary and we were thrown into unknown territory. But, the beautiful thing was, everyone came together and worked towards our initial goal of making Right Bite one-of-a-kind. And we succeeded. Soon after, Right Bite had ended up pioneering the way for many other healthy food companies. Beyond just the dedicated staff, other factors came into play to the success of Right Bite, specifically our utilization of innovative technology, and our mission towards personalization and convenience for clients. There are three particular ways this has set us apart from our competitors:

1. Dietician-designed

One of Right Bite’s key Unique Selling Propositions is the contributions of dieticians to our meal plans. We integrate the experience and knowledge of various dieticians to design, consult and help plan meal plans for customers. Customers are also given the option of one-on-one consultations with the dietician, to ensure that clients stay on top of their set dietary plans. Some consumers do not want to commit to personalized packages, instead, they have healthy options made available to them through an on-demand delivery.

2. Nutritional Information

Access to information is vital in strengthening the trust with our consumers. Providing customers the space to be empowered with information benefits their well-being and educates the broader community as and when required. Right Bite’s social media consistently updates with the most relevant information, further ensuring customers have that sense of transparency from us.

3. Imagery and Authenticity

Commitment to health and wellness relies on the trust developed between Right Bite and our consumers. Our vision is to be a go-to expert team for all things health and nutrition-related, which coincides with our promises to remain transparent and authentic to our clientele. Consistently showcasing delicious and healthy food, from burgers to salads, nothing is off limits for Right Bite and our meal plans.

The legitimacy behind Right Bite’s mission has provided us with the platform to build a loyal customer base and further construct a unique brand identity. It is the only nutrition and healthy catering company in the UAE and KSA, with nutrition education at the center of its operations and business.

More than a decade later, we’ve built an expert nutritional consultation platform with a meal plan delivery service to complement. Through investments from Kitopi and dedication to our vision, Right Bite has embarked on an expansion across the GCC, starting with Bahrain as of July 2022. 18 years later, I truly believe our success story is one built on Right Bite’s commitment and dedication to empowering individuals into making healthier choices. And I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Nathalie Haddad is the Vice President of Meal Plans at Kitopi, the world’s leading tech-powered, multi-brand restaurant. As the founder of Right Bite, Nathalie has grown the brand from a single-location brand in 2004 into one of the most recognizable and trusted healthy food brands in the region. Nathalie holds a Master’s degree in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services from McGill University.

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