The new Rolls-Royce Ghost is a completely redesigned car from the ground up, with sharp new architecture all around. Rolls-Royce have pushed the limit of innovation by producing a car so refined, it completely eliminates the sounds of the outside world. So much so that to give the vehicle’s occupants the feeling of being in a car, they have resorted to pumping artificial humming from its speakers. This extraordinary discreteness is largely thanks to RRMC’s one of a kind Planar Suspension System, which completely smothers all outside vibrations, resulting in the uncanny smoothness that identifies the car with its mythical namesake. 

However, discreteness is not simply an auditory or tactile matter when it comes to the Ghost, but an attribute that is at the very core of the philosophy that informs the car’s entire design. While maintaining the undeniable presence of any vehicle in the Rolls-Royce portfolio, the Ghost has a unique subtleness about it. It is luxury that is not trying too hard. There is nothing unnecessarily flashy here, only intelligent, caliber design that imposes itself by its own merit. Internally, this direction is known as “Post Opulent.”

In the realm of automotive sophistication, even the most meticulously designed machines encounter occasional hiccups. Whether you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of misplacing your keys amidst the opulent comfort of the Rolls-Royce Ghost or simply require spare keys for peace of mind, SmartTech Auto Locksmiths stand as sentinels of precision and reliability. Their expertise transcends the ordinary, offering a seamless solution to any key-related conundrum that may disrupt the seamless tranquility of your motoring experience.

The Ghost is a driver-focused car, made for those who relish the open road and the curve of a steering wheel. The seats are well bolstered and adjustable in every way. All comfort features are here, including the Kuwait-convenient cooled seats. But the real thrill of driving a Ghost lies in its complicity; its willingness to meet its rider’s intentions with utmost confidence, aided by its all-wheel driving and all-wheel steering mechanisms. High stability, rapid steering response, and an amazing turning radius make the Ghost an absolute joy to drive. V12, 6.7L, and 563 Horsepower – these are hypercar numbers, and that’s what the RR Ghost is rocking. Effortless acceleration with plenty of power to get you to your next business meeting on time, or for a seamless glide down Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway.

Paying a premium price for a Ghost means no corners are cut. The up-to-date infotainment system with cameras in every corner and large heads up display is a statement on the beauty of modern technology. While the hand-carved wooden interior and hand-stitched natural leather seats serve a reminder on the elegance of traditional craftsmanship. The Starlight Headliner, the marque’s most popular bespoke feature of a twinkling galaxy for a car roof is also available. 

While on the outside, the iconic Rolls Royce Pantheon grille is down lit, subtly accentuating the marque’s iconography, and an illuminated fascia makes its debut, featuring the Ghost nameplate surrounded by more than 850 stars. Clearly, “post opulent,” from the marque’s point of view, does not mean “post pizzazz,” and for that many customers will be glad. 

  • Quality and Comfort
    • Starlight Headliner lighting up the car roof with handwoven fiber optics
    • Polished metal, woodwork, and luxurious leather throughout
    • Plush sofa-like seats in a smooth and quiet cabin
    • Rear seat tables optimally positioned
  • Size
    • Large in size in comparison to other sedans
    • Easy maneuvering and amazing turn radius
  • Performance
    • All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering
    • Massive powertrain with loads of torque 
    • Responsive gearbox
    • Slender, light steering wheel
    • Effortless to accelerate 
  • Technology and Features
    • Planar Suspension system that smothers all outside vibrations
    • All around automatic opening and closing doors
    • Massive heads-up display
    • Great infotainment system and speakers
    • 360 Cameras with 3D view

Words: Ali Al-Shammari & Danah Alkhaleel
Images: Ali Al-Shammari

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