The Khaleejesque team continually ponders with the barrage of research, commercial trends, and click bait articles that have called ‘time of death’ on our respective field of publishing. With our collected knowledge, network, and experience in what is seemingly a “dying field,” we set to formulate our own research more focused on the MENA publishing scene on a global scale—namely, niche and independent publishing platforms, whether print or online, founded and staffed by young Arabs and Muslims from around the world. 

As a platform that strives to amplify the voices of creatives and activists alike, we are dedicated to sharing our findings on a burgeoning field amongst creatives of the MENA region and beyond. As traditional publishing houses increasingly diminish, these independent platforms are paving the way for a new movement—heralding a cultural paradigm shift towards an egalitarian voice in publishing far from the constraints of traditional print and online media.

As a result, we’ve published a MENA Indie Zines and Platforms feature which can be accessed here.

In addition we’ve reached out to individual Zines who have shared with us their intricate workings and their missions and visions for their platform.  

On behalf of OOMK Zine, Sofia Niazi (Co-Founder) has answered below. 

OOMK publications, credit to Dunja Opalko
  • About the Platform:

One of My Kind (OOMK) is a collaborative publishing practice led by Rose Nordin, Sofia Niazi and Heiba Lamara. Working together since 2014, we make, publish, and distribute books and printed works which arise from self-initiated projects. We also commission new works by women artists and co-curate DIY Cultures, one of the UK’s largest annual independent publishing fairs.

OOMK Zine is a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication. Printed biannually, its content pivots upon the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women. Each issue centers around a different creative theme, with more general content exploring topics of faith, activism and identity. With a focus on self-publishing and education, we founded and run a community Risograph printing press in East London, Rabbits Road Press. We also work with galleries, museums, educational institutions and self-organised groups to deliver workshops and produce collaborative publications.

  • Content: what is your publication concerned with and what kind of content does it feature?

Women, art, and activism. Each issue has a different creative theme; Drawing, Food, Internet, Fabric… to name a few. 

Print and Matter, Rabbits Road Press
  • The team behind the platform: 

OOMK was started by Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Sabba Khan in 2013, Heiba Lamara joined when Sabba left in 2014.

We work part-time as a team, Sofia Niazi, Heiba Lamara and Rose Nordin. We also work at Rabbits Road Press which is an OOMK project. As for our content creators, we hold an Open Call and research to find contributors.  

  • Work Space:

OOMK is currently based between Old Manor Park Library (Rabbits Road Press) and Somerset House Studios.

Rabbits Road Press

Images courtesy of OOMK / Rabbits Road Press.

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