PUMA unveiled its newly-launched Running range, in Berlin, Germany, which included the RS-0 collection, also highlighting four exciting collaborations with SEGA, Polaroid, Roland and Ader Error.

The Running System has been part of PUMA for a long time but has now been reinvented through the additions of tech designs, styles, and collaborations mainly focused on reviving the eighties.

Modern and functional, the RS-0 is starting from zero with its retro-futuristic aesthetics. Rich with history, the reimagined trainers are reinvented once again to take on the new wave. The pair is comfortable enough to run the streets of Berlin for hours without ever getting tired. (Yes, that is based on a real-life experience, take my word for it!)

Each collaboration has its own vibe. If you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog (who isn’t?) then SEGA’s Sonic RS-0 is your go-to collaboration. Teaming up with SEGA, PUMA created a pair of trainers with a dark blue silhouette, speedy red bottoms, and green and yellow accents, which will certainly attract every possible gamer in the house. During the event, the SEGA booth added two screens to play the Sonic games and embrace the nostalgic and exciting atmosphere.

Polaroid’s fun and retro-spectrum design is also a passionate inspiration for many photographers and lovers of the instant camera brand. PUMA included Polaroid’s signature colorful stripes on the top of the shoe, to highlight its iconic identity.

The launch event continued to take us through PUMA’s archives with the RS-0 Roland collaboration. The collaboration is inspired by the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, a drum machine that was introduced in 1980 and discontinued in 1983. It is now back in the form of PUMA trainers with the same future-retro features of the drum machine.

Another sleek and unique collaboration PUMA undertook is with Ader Error, a South Korean cult brand with a vibrant pulse of youth culture. The brand’s name is a Korean phonetic word-manipulation that means ‘near-missed things,’ and Ader made sure their collection wasn’t one to be missed.

A combined collaborative success full of intriguing, diverse trainers, PUMA’s reboot of the 80’s RS to the RS-0 is a force to be reckoned with in terms of reinventing both design and innovation.

Here is a video of the new trainers taking over the streets of Berlin!

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