Being a person that sticks quite religiously to her beauty routine, the Luna 2 by Foreo truly intrigued me. Light in weight, and fun in color, the small yet feisty device has two options whilst cleansing your face; the Anti-aging option, as well as the Cleansing option. The product deeply cleanses under the skin and when used with your facial cleanser or serums/creams, the product allows the skin to soak in the activated liquids, therefore achieving better results for your complexion

The difference in my skin before and after the usage of the Luna 2 was great. I tend to have sensitive to combination skin, so the blue Luna 2 was perfect for my skin type.  After using the device I felt like the blood circulation in my face had improved, I looked slightly flushed yet refreshed after each usage and my skin was absolutely silk-like. The usage amounted to once in the morning and once before bed, as instructed in the manual. The directions are easy to follow and describe each and every step to take.

The product arrives in a compact box and is enclosed in a silky pouch so it's easy to pack with you on-the-go. In the box, there is an accompanying charger and once charged for an hour, the Luna 2 works without charging for at the least seven months. The Luna 2 has a simple on and off button placed in the bottom center. Once powered on, there is an LED light to indicate that the product is ready for use. Pressing down on the power button again, allows the product to begin vibrating. The Luna 2 has two sides; one side that contains many bristles in a semi-circle form, which is the cleansing side. The other side has a set of protruding lines and a rubber feel, which is for anti-aging. As instructed, each side is used for a minute at a time. Within that minute the Foreo Luna 2 vibrates to indicate that it is time to move to another area of your face.

Beginning with the cleansing side, I had used my face cleansing serum and moved the product in a circular motion on all the designated areas on my face. After the minute was over, I rinsed off the cleanser and the Luna 2 then followed with the anti-aging side to finish the regimen for a minute. I dried off my face and had a glow and redness from the blood circulation in my face. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that asks about my beauty regimen. It is compact, works for all skin types, and a cleansing and anti-aging tool that does wonders for the skin.

For more information, visit the FOREO website.

– Shouag Hayat

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