Liudmila's PS18 collection was an experiment in distilling and simplifying Liudmila's core shapes and silhouettes for everyday wear.

Ankles were even tighter this season with the introduction of stretch nappas on its classic Mlle Hortense boot shape, made even more comfortable with a 50mm block heel. It refined its bestselling Drury Lane style through invisible, yet comfort-enhancing, patternmaking tricks.

Liudmila stripped its classic Sari and Boy Is Mine wedge into its simplest form in Margot. The color story was one of a Seventies-era hotel in the Swiss Alps, all dark wood browns, a swimming-pool icy blue, and sporty, glossy greens and tennis whites.

This collection is Liudmila in repose; all of the thoughtful design for interesting characters with less of the drama.


To view more of past collections visit the Liudmila Footwear website.

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