dh-c is a multidisciplinary design studio that works with different professionals, processes, and concepts. Its collections comprise of apparel and accessories, in addition to artwork, while the team is also venturing into projects in architecture, furniture, graphic and industrial design.


Who are dh-c?
We're Sulaiman and Farah, a Kuwaiti design duo. We met at the University of Miami. Between the two of us, we studied architecture, advertising, art, graphic design and business administration.  After a few years of working in Kuwait we both realized we missed creating content for ourselves, especially with silk screening, so we eventually partnered up and renovated an old dog house to be our studio. 
Our multidisciplinary design studio aims to work with different professionals, concepts, and processes, to find new ways of reconfiguring, understanding and representing the different realities we live in.

Qumooth and OMEBY are our brain children. They inspire apparel and accessories as well as art work and different ways of meaningful social interactions. The firm is slowly but surely venturing into projects in the fields of architecture, furniture, graphic, and industrial design.

Who is Qumooth? And what does she represent?
She's still finding that out. But ultimately, we hope she represents love. 
Why is Qumooth covered? Why do we only see her eyes?
Anonymity is incredibly powerful.
What is the secret behind the paper bag background?
No secret there. It was something that was at hand and provided a scale and standard to draw her. Doing that made us realize these bags that were prevalent in our culture but taken for granted even though they had so much weight and beauty to them.  It opened our eyes to the greatness of everyday objects. You realize that you get swept up in routines and forget to ask questions. Who made these? Who designed this pattern? Why is it everywhere?  We don't have answers yet, but it informs how we think in general. We're attracted to the idea of taking apart elements of our reality and piecing them back together in different ways. It helps us understand. 
What is Qumooth’s main principle in life?
Live and let live.  

il.box #16 featured an OMBEY sticker and Qumooth patch.

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Instagram: @dh_c
Website: www.dhc.co


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