The Camel Soap Factory, based in the UAE, gives you a full Khaleeji experience and have actually been featured in twice. Unlike mass produced brands, they handcraft their soap in small batches using camel milk and the centuries old  ‘cold process’ method. Our first experience was to feature their sensual Luxury Oriental Collection soaps, scented with natural oils and enriched with shea butter, making the perfect gift. We also featured their natural lip balm, again made from protein-rich camel milk, which is great for throwing in your bag for all day moisturizing.

For our latest box, we featured the ‘Unscented’ soap from their facial cleansing collection, also enhanced with shea butter to help diminish signs of aging and improve collagen retention for sensitive skin. The Camel Soap Factory promises to deliver a unique and natural cleansing experience every time you use their products.

One quick peak at their website reveals even more products to fill our bathroom cabinets. A dedicated range of gentle soaps for children, a "Man Bar" for the discerning gentleman, a luscious coffee exfoliation soap, and even a dog bar for man's best friend. Quality shines through their products, so order you own by clicking here.

Visit The Camel Soap Factory Website here and Instagram here.


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