Sitting in our cozy office, I took a break on the gray couch warmed by the sun rays that always filter through at this hour, to look through "Themis Aella & The Magical Forest." From our office, I was transported to a whimsical world of fantasy, housing a cosmopolitan city called Bijoux Blues and a mysterious forest called Nebula Stars.

"Themis Aella & The Magical Forest" is a book written by Sharifa Al-Badi and illustrated by Naila Amin Marei. The book follows Themis, a fearless young girl, as she strays into the forest of Nebula Stars and experiences an adventure when a variety of creatures need her help.

The book features quirky illustrations that have a childlike vibe and characters that portray asymmetry in their features for a very Picassoesque vibe.

The book is perfect for children and young adults alike.

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