Trapani, the first Cicchetteria in Kuwait is true to its name. A cozy restaurant tucked in the fringes of Sahara Golf Club in Murouj; at first sight, is warm, inviting and relaxed.


We were hosted on the 14th of February for a night of live music and authentic Italian food; cheesy and aromatic. "Let's make memories," they said. Seated and served as soon as we arrived, a generous portion of Pomodoro soup warmed our senses, while the rhythm of the music, ranging from instrumental covers of popular classics to foot-tapping original beats, warmed our souls. Formaggini, Margharita and a wholesome dish of Salimone followed.

As part of the MELENZANÈ family, it wasn't surprising to note that everything presented at Trapani was pleasing to the eye and extremely appetizing.

I gazed around as I slowly slipped into a food coma with the last delicate bites of Tiramisu, laced with fresh strawberries and dusted with cocoa powder. Vintage designs, sophisticated details, and touches of red marked the interiors.

We made memories and came home with a thoughtful little gift in our hands. A tiny planter which reminded us to "Let love grow."

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