A few nights ago, we were fortunate enough to be invited to one of Melenzané's "Al-Bida'a Nights", an evening of divine Italian food and live music from local musicians.

As we walked towards the cozy location, the sound of a tinkling guitar was floating through the cool evening air, inviting us in. Finding a table for two, we barely glanced at the menu and instead took advice from our friendly waiting staff on which dishes to order.
_F3A7639We started our meal with two mouth-watering dishes; Ricco Morso Steak and Dolcezza Shrimps. The former consisted of tender strips of grilled tenderloin, which were topped with crispy sweet potato sticks and a cool BBQ herbed mayo. Stylishly assembled, it was quickly deconstructed as we devoured this delicious treat.

The shrimps were also cooked perfectly; incredibly tender and sweet they were coated in a light, crispy shell and drizzled with a sweet, spicy sauce and served on a bed of rocca. What really brought this dish together though was the ranch dressing which was creamy yet strong, pairing perfectly with the sweet sauce.

Two main courses came recommended and the first to come steaming out the kitchen was Pollo Parmigiana, one of my all time favorites. I quickly claimed it as my own. Cutting through the layers of cheese, aubergine, and chicken, it was evidently juicy. The rich flavors were so welcoming against the cold air outside, a true comfort dish. We'd switched up the side of pasta for grilled veggies which made the dish perfectly light.

Our second main was the Steak Rosmarino. Admittedly I was not in the mood for steak, however, after tasting the butteriness of my first morsel I quickly dug in for more. It was by far one of the best-cooked pieces of steak I've had the pleasure of eating and the mushroom, rosemary sauce was simply divine.

All the while we'd been tucking into our gourmet spread, local musicians had been performing covers of famous songs as well as some original pieces, most of which felt like they too belong high up in the charts. The dining experience that night was exactly what's needed on a winters night; yummy food, songs of love, and great company.

Look out for Melenzané's upcoming "Al-Bida'a Nights," the next one will be on February 14th, just remember to go early to ensure you get a table.

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