Three-year-old Bahraini restaurant Villa Mamas, owned by Chef Roaya Saleh, has made a name for itself in the restaurant industry by not only having excellent quality food but also by maintaining a presence on social media and current trends.

The latest introduction to the business, in addition to the soon-to-launch food truck Mama Gourmet and the Villa Mamas merchandise line, is the new Villa Mamas smartphone and tablet application.

The purpose of the app is to give users the ability to view the menu before even entering the restaurant, make a booking, find the location and  a lot more functions such as youtube video links and shop .  The release of the new ‘shop’ section on the app is the latest addition that will allow customers to purchase products through their mobile devices.

For more information visit @villamamas and @roayasalehxoxo on Instagram, or visit their website.

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