A make-up artist and beauty expert who gained her qualifications in the UK, Joelle Mardinian, also has a TV show, salon, and clinic. We sat down with her to discuss her new collections "J Glow" and "So Cool."

You do so much within your career, what are you currently working on?

I am currently trying to focus on my show, Joelle. I want to enhance everything we are doing in the show now, obviously bettering the finer details and segments in the show. I am also constantly working for the Joelle Group. My plans revolve around expanding the Maison de Joelle group of salons and of course, Clinica Joelle, which I want to take to Kuwait and Riyadh before going further.

What products are included in the "So Cool" range?

The "So Cool" range has three products and is based on the idea of creating a luminous complexion with or without makeup.  The three products made with the kindest ingredients are going to make you fall in love with your skin. We have Cool & Clear – it’s a facial wash that leaves your skin hydrated and healthy. The ingredients were carefully selected to soothe while cleansing. Clear Eyes, which is a dual-action eye makeup remover that leaves you feeling bright-eyed and revitalised. And finally, It’s Cool,which is simply a cooling fix with beauty benefits. The aromatic face and body mist will refresh your hair, face, and body in a single spritz.

What sets your products apart from other brands?

Joelle Paris products are created at the best laboratories in Paris while ensuring we use the kindest of ingredients. Most of the products from the west are made for the women in the west. Whereas Joelle Paris products are made in the west but they are for the Eastern women; the Middle Eastern lady and her requirements for skin, hair and beauty. I notice that the women in the Gulf are very interested in make-up and they love it, but one thing they forget is to take care of their skin, which is very important especially with the weather conditions here. I want to focus on creating something for everyone – men, women and kids suiting all kinds of skin and hair. Also, these products are made with the safest ingredients and are priced very reasonably so they can be available for all.

What is included in the "J Glow" collection?

It is a multi-tasking and complete daily skincare routine, mainly to help with fighting acne, featuring skin healing extracts that are designed to give your skin everything it needs to be beautiful. It includes All Face Wash –  a soap-free formula that prevents breakouts and cleanses the skin, then there is a facial Toner & Balancer, which is a tonic that not only keeps your skin clean but also works that bit harder to refine and tone your complexion. And finally, a Facial Balancing Cream which is a lightweight cream that soothes the troubled skin.

What compelled you to become a makeup artist? And how did you decide from there to create your own beauty products?

I wanted to be a makeup artist from the very start! When I was younger I would look and get really inspired by my mom. She would be very busy being a mom and all of those chores we women go through, but she would still take care of herself, take time with the little make up she did and make an effort for herself. I felt that this is what I wanted too. I started studying and working towards it, and I worked as a make up artist. I decided to bring my own beauty products because I felt the need.  I felt like something I needed was missing in this huge beauty market. Something new always comes up, the various skin types and hair types and the needs of so many ladies pushed me further into creating my own line. Also the women in the Gulf love make up and beauty but they lacked information about skin care and how to actually make it healthy. I felt like there was a need for something; some products to just take care of the skin.

What inspires you to create your collections?

The need for these products! Whenever we want to create something, there is also a trigger. And for me that trigger was the understanding that our women loved beauty and makeup but they were forgetting the health of their skin, the real nutrition and care that it required. I felt like this was missing from the market, and I wanted to be the one to bring this with affordable prices. I also felt like there was nothing for all skin types, we find things for dry skin, oily skin, frizzy hair and so on, but Joelle Paris products are for all skin and hair types.

What’s your favorite product from your collection?

I love three products absolutely too much. Love eyes – the under eye cream I have to use every single day, The Golden Girl, which is my beach essential and finally, Good Day, my go-to sunblock that I do not leave my house without.


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