I always feel a sense of excitement when November arrives, primarily because it's the month every year when one of the Gulf's biggest creative conferences takes place in Kuwait. Nuqat, now in its seventh year, is three days of lectures followed by workshops from some of the greatest minds in the contemporary creative industry in the Middle East.

This year's topic, "The Sixth Sense – Empowering the Creative Economy," explores how the region is approaching the economic longevity of the creative industry and it would seem this year is the calmative year of Nuqat as we know it. Founder, Hessa Al-Humaidhi, announced in her opening speech that from next year, Nuqat will be held as a series of smaller events moving across the GCC countries.

In an announcement that could be considered bitter-sweet, the progression of the conference both sees the end of Kuwait playing host to the conference yet sees Nuqat and the team on a journey exploring the very topic of this year to discover how the creative industry can be empowered.

With this in mind, as we move into the next few days, we'll be attending the next few days as students of our field. img_5389




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