In our previous introduction to Kuwait London Company, Kuwait’s local leading food delivery company, we met the visionary CEO, Mubarak Jaffar and discovered how he’s founded and developed The Kitchen, Junkyard, Humble Burgers, and Proper Sliders.

As four renowned home-grown Kuwaiti concepts, it’s striking to observe how they’ve each developed their own identity whilst maintaining the company’s core value of fresh produce delivered right to your door.

An element of the company that allows them to ensure every step of the process is top notch, is the fact that each brand is home grown from their headquarters. With complete control over each restaurant from conception to development and finally execution, KLC even creates the branding for each concept in-house.

Mubarak’s concepts are each borne from his love of traveling and food.
With his talented in-house designer, he works closely to ensure the packaging and interior truly reflect the atmosphere of the brand. Their creativity knows no bounds, his team keep developing the menus visually, continuing to expand and develop their own skills and knowledge.

Their success comes from their attention to detail, which is truly reflected through the different atmospheres each brand has. Junkyard’s edgy, urban style packaging truly captures their ability to recreate street food classics while humble burger’s more simple style allows for the characteristic of its name to shine, though; simply good burgers.

Proper Sliders, on the other hand, is fun and quirky, with the menu being sliders executed in a variety of ways this is exactly how the branding reflects the restaurant’s theme – one fluid style manipulated into different variations.

The brands each have their own quirky character, attracting different audiences to ensure everyone finds something they love from KLC.

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